Maika Global’s Holiday Favorites!

After what may seem like the longest year of our lives, or perhaps the shortest to some, it is finally time to celebrate the winter holidays - and the end of 2020.

December used to bring fun office holiday parties, travel to spend time with family, and lots of gift shopping. As the cliche of 2020 goes, this holiday season will look a lot different. We will clink our glasses to a Zoom screen, shop til we drop online, and open presents six feet away from our loved ones. Although our holidays won't be as cozy and cheerful as usual, we are grateful to be safe and healthy during these times, and wish the same to all of you.

This year's celebrations won't be like any other, but here at Maika Global, all of our holidays look a little different from each other. Our agency not only works with clients at all ends of the world, but is also home to a global team.

Every home has their own special holiday traditions, and those traditions grow further apart as you travel to different parts of the world. No matter how far away we are - in Dubai, London, or San Francisco, that can't stop us from sharing our favorite holiday stories. Let's check in with the Maika Global team to see how they'll be celebrating this year!

⁠"My grandma makes what we call poppyseed cake, but really it is just poppyseed filling wrapped into pie crust and rolled up and baked. It is AMAZING; my entire family is obsessed with it and I think it comes from her Russian parents. My great grandfather was a Russian Orthodox Priest. Fast-forward to my generation, and we treat it like gold in our family. My mom has to hide it from my brothers and I during the holidays so we don't eat it all before Christmas. We usually do Christmas morning at my family home in Moraga, then drive up to my Grandma's house in Davis, but this year we wont be able to do that due to the pandemic." - Founder, Madison 

⁠Head over to our instagram to see how Madison makes her Grandma's favorite poppyseed cake!

⁠"I love decorating and competing with my husband on who makes a better turkey. We love having family and friends over for the holidays. The bigger the Christmas party the better. This year my kids won’t be with me so we’re spending it with friends on the beach. The benefits of living in Dubai!" - Founder, Maria 

"Growing up in Bermuda, we obviously never had a white Christmas. Growing up, our day started off waking up at an ungodly hour followed with a traditional codfish breakfast with my parents and brother. We open presents and then maybe take a walk down to the beach before heading to family for dinner, which was usually held at my grandparents house. Since my parents bought our house in New Hampshire, I have loved the fact that we could enjoy a proper white Christmas (when we were lucky) paired with many traditions from Bermuda, such as breakfast and dinner with family. Since I moved to San Francisco it has been a little tougher to get home for the holidays. Unfortunately, this year, similar to last year, we are not heading home for the holiday. While last year we celebrated Christmas Day camping in Death Valley, this year, true to 2020 fashion, we will have our own small pandemic Christmas via FaceTime with family." - Digital Marketing and Events Manager, Haley 

⁠"What I love most about this time of year is going on walks through my neighborhood and seeing all the orange trees. My favorite holiday tradition is when my family friend gets really excited to bake me the chocolate chip cookies I've loved since I was little for every friends and family gathering." - Data and Analytics Coordinator, and Project Manager, Noemi 

"My favorite holiday tradition is playing games with my family on Christmas Eve including: card games, gift exchange games, board games etc. This year I won't be heading home, but instead I will be celebrating in Sweden with my boyfriend's family. Fun fact: Sweden actually celebrates Christmas a day before we do in the U.S." - UX Designer and Video Editor, Hannah

⁠"My favorite part of the year was having a Hanukah party with my whole family - grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. My mom would make homemade latkes and we'd sing songs and play with our new toys when I was younger. I always look forward to the Hanukah party to spend time with my extended family and celebrate such a fun time of year. This year I can appreciate that everyone is safe and healthy, and we'll be celebrating together from a distance. This is the first year in a while I'll be in Chicago for the winter, so it will be a very cold holiday season!" - PR and Media Coordinator, Sonja 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Maika Global!


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