Who We Are 

Our team is full of a variety of intelligent, educated, and thoughtful creatives who are interested in the strategy of digital marketing and the design of strategic branding. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a holistic approach to brand conception.




The brains behind the operation, meet our Rockstar team. 


Madison Yeack

⁠Founding Partner

⁠San Francisco | London

Maria Rousan

⁠Founding Partner


Haley Powell 

⁠Marketing + Events

San Francisco


Noemi Rieber

⁠Data Analytics + Project Management

⁠Santa Barbara

Hannah Friend

⁠UX Design + Video Editing

⁠New York | Malmö

Sonja Grunfeld

⁠PR + Media Relations

⁠Los Angeles | Chicago


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A Global Company with a Vision


Our services extend beyond digital to include traditional activity-based marketing. We help brands develop and grow with an integrated 360-degree approach which often means that we help with branding, design, social media, messaging, sales funnels and more to create a cohesive message that is the base of communications for any strong brand. 

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Our Process


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A great design team can make all the difference when it comes to expanding your brand in the digital world. Let our amazing team of talented individuals help make the difference.