Maika Global’s Annual Guide to Give

The 2020 holiday season is in full swing, and in the spirit of giving, Maika Global employees have put together a short blog series in hopes of inspiring friends, family, and maybe a stranger or two to give this year.

Check out SEO Coordinator and Project Manager, Noemi's recommendation below!

Traveling Storytime

The Traveling Storytime program is sponsored by the Redwood City Public Library's Youth Services Department, whose goal is to reach as many of the city's children as possible to instill the love of literature, learning and libraries. Each week, trained volunteers read to groups of children in daycare centers and preschools throughout Redwood City. The program has received grants and awards from a variety of organizations since its creation.

Maika Global’s SEO Coordinator and Project Manager, Noemi, volunteered here throughout middle and high school. Traveling Storytime began in 2000 with a Director and a handful of volunteers. Since then, volunteers have read to over 230,000 children. Today, approximately 40-60 volunteers provide the program's services to about 1,000 children on a regular basis.

Are you in the area and interested in becoming a volunteer? Learn more here!

If you don’t live near Redwood City, think about looking up and supporting programs at your local library – a bit of your time could make a huge difference in the lives of children in your community.

Peninusla Food Runners

Peninsula Food Runners provides more than 2.5 million pounds of free food annually to families in need. In any given week, we deliver over 50,000 meals to shelters, pantries, food banks, schools, homeless programs and low-income families. We are adding restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, food service providers and corporations every day who donate surplus food in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide this free pickup and drop-offs service to our donors and recipients using over 600 volunteers and staff. Our recipients can expect food on a weekly basis.

Noemi volunteered with Peninsula Food Runners, whose mission is simple: to take food that would otherwise be thrown away and give it to those in need. In the United States we waste 40% of food that makes it to market. Recouping only 15% of that would feed 25 million people. They would send “food runners” to businesses and restaurants and other places to go pick up leftover food and deliver it to shelters and other places.

If you have excess food from home or a small private event, you can deliver to one of their local shelters.

Due to COVID-19, Peninsula Food Runners is experiencing a REDUCTION of 50,000 meals each week. Due to the Shelter-in-Place requirements, many Restaurants, Caterers, and other Food Service Providers have either closed down or have reduced their production drastically. This also means your local shelters, family service centers, elderly food service programs, and other neighborhood feeding programs are not getting the food they need. Learn more about the COVID-19 End Hunger Program here.


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