Maika Global’s Annual Guide to Give

The 2020 holiday season is in full swing, and in the spirit of giving, Maika Global employees have put together a short blog series in hopes of inspiring friends, family, and maybe a stranger or two to give this year.

Check out PR Coordinator, Sonja's recommendations below!

Direct Effect Charities

Our purpose is to raise awareness as to what YOU can do to make a difference in the lives of those in need. We are people helping people and our hearts are with the children, for they are our future. We believe charitable giving is enhanced by participation, beyond the act of simply writing a check. Together, we can change lives for the better and enrich our own lives as well.

Every year, our Public Relations Coordinator, Sonja, and her family help to facilitate the Letters to Santa initiative with Direct Effect Charities. Children from under-funded schools write letters to Santa and Sonja and her family answer by buying them the gift that they wished for, and helping other families get involved by answering letters.

Direct Effect Charities is a hands-on charity that does not heavily fundraise throughout the year. Their goal is to create programs that directly affect children in need, and touch the hearts of our supporting donors as well. Other programs to get involved with include: Build a Backpack and Chicago Kids Closet.