In order to differentiate yourself from your competitors quickly and at a low cost we may recommend unconventional methods to promote your product or service. We rely on the element of surprise and personal interaction, which requires a lower budget and mainly focuses on a small and targeted audience.

It’s done to reach a specific target audience for free by creating in-your-face promotions that connect to the emotions of your consumer. Today people crave an interactive experience with any brand and want to belong. They want to feel a connection and belonging to your brand.

⁠⁠Some say that the use of this tactic is only for “edgy” products and services that target a younger audience but we disagree. It works for everyone if done well. Guerilla marketing can be indoors or outdoors. You can ambush an event like we did for our cybersecurity client at RSA.

⁠Affordable, yet highly effective



Unconventional methods get the attention of your target audience quickly. Once you trigger an emotion the memory is always saved.


You don’t need to spend much to create a buzz. It’s the crazy idea that counts. Good execution is key to any guerilla marketing campaign.


Humans like shared experiences. Once you shock a target audience it triggers an emotion and a connection to your brand that becomes permanent.


Interested in going viral on a low marketing budget? Or want to know more about this unique marketing tactic? Great! 



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